Building Safety Fund 2022 Application Form-R1

Closes 1 Jan 2025

Confirmation Questions

1. By ticking the checkbox below you are confirming that you have read all the relevant guidance to determine that you are eligible to apply for the fund before continuing with this application form.
2. By ticking the checkbox below you are confirming that you have read the privacy notice.
3. This application form is for one building only. Each building will need to apply and answer all questions separately.

A building in this context is defined as a collection of residential dwellings, such as apartments or flats, served by a shared common circulation. For individual buildings combined or joined to create larger blocks, even when these individual buildings are under the same ownership, management or part of the same larger development, we will consider each individual building separately.

Please see Annex A of the fund guidance for further guidance on how the Building Safety Fund defines a building.

4. This application form is to apply for the Building Safety Fund. This fund is now open only to applicants from within London. If you are applying for funding for a building outside of London, please apply to the Cladding Safety Scheme by following the link below. By checking the checkbox you are confirming that the local authority for your building is one of the 32 London Boroughs.