Closed 12 Oct 2022

Opened 20 Jul 2022


This area of the consultation on implementing the new regime for occupied higher-risk buildings relates to the enforcement of the regime. 

The Government intends to bring forward regulations related to enforcement during the occupation of a higher-risk building. This will deal with:

  • the information that should be included on compliance notices;
  • who must be consulted before and after notices have been issued; and,
  • how notices can be withdrawn and amended.

The Building Safety Act 2022 (the Act) brings about the biggest change to the regulation of buildings for a generation. This Act provides for both a national Building Safety Regulator and strengthened enforcement powers to support the new building safety regime for higher-risk buildings.

The new regime places clear legal duties on those who build and manage buildings to manage the risks they create. This will create a culture where it pays to play by the rules.