New dutyholder roles and responsibilities in the building regulations to ensure a stronger focus on compliance with the regulations

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Closes 12 Oct 2022


The Building Safety Act 2022 amends the Building Act 1984 to create powers to prescribe requirements on those who procure, plan, manage and undertake building work also known as dutyholders. The proposals will set out a framework of duties for dutyholders, make clear who they are and impose specific duties on them. These dutyholders will be the client, Principal Designer, designers, Principal Contractor and contractors.  

Our proposals also include the competence requirements on anyone carrying out design or building work and those who appoint them to take reasonable steps to ensure that they are competent to perform their functions in relation to the design and construction of buildings. 

This section will set out proposed requirements which will apply in relation to any work or matter to which the Building Regulation 2010 are applicable. 

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