Single Homelessness Accommodation Programme (SHAP)- Funding for Accommodation

Closed 22 Feb 2023

Opened 15 Feb 2023


Welcome to the Funding for Accommodation portal for the Single Homelessness Accommodation Programme (SHAP)

This is the application form for capital to deliver accommodation at SHAP schemes outside of London

What you will be asked to provide

This form will ask you to provide: 

  • A scheme outline of the accommodations to be delivered
  • Contact details of the delivery organisation delivering the accommodation
  • An overview of the capital grant request
  • An overiew of the capital delivery profile

You will also be asked to consent to the sharing of the information provided in your submission with Homes England or Greater London Authority officials as appropriate.

When to submit your application

Applications should be submitted following a period of coproduction between local authorities, service providers, accommodation providers, Homes England officials and locality advisers from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC).

Submissions received by specific cut-off dates in 2023 will enable assessment of funding bids from the locality area during the following assessment cycle. It is imperative that locality officials and potential bidders cooperate to ensure that all required documents have been received by the cut-off date for the desired assessment cycle. Cut-off dates are listed at the foot of this page and reflect the programme timetable as of January 2023. Note that these are subject to change.

Preparing your submission

Please contact your DLUHC adviser who will give you access to the document.

Please note that submission of the online form is required; we cannot accept submission of template forms by post, email or other means.

Saving and returning to the form

You do not need to complete the form in a single session; you can save your input by clicking the 'Save and come back later...' button at the foot of each page. When you click this button, you will receive a link by email allowing you to return to the saved form at a later time.

Be advised that input is not automatically saved by clicking 'Continue' at the foot of each page. We therefore recommend saving and returning at intervals, and encourage use of the offline template linked above to develop your application before submission.

Technical issues

If you have any technical issues with the portal, please contact