Permitted development rights: supporting temporary recreational campsites, renewable energy and film-making

Closes 25 Apr 2023

Scope of the consultation

Scope of this consultation:

This consultation seeks views on proposals relating to permitted development rights. We are consulting on the introduction of a new permitted development right to allow land to be temporarily used as a recreational campsite. The consultation also seeks feedback on changes to the existing permitted development rights which allow for the installation of solar equipment on and within the curtilages of domestic and non-domestic buildings, as well as the introduction of a new permitted development right to enable the construction of solar canopies. We are also proposing an amendment to the existing permitted development right which allows local authorities to undertake certain development so that bodies can undertake the work on behalf of the local authority. Lastly, this consultation proposes changes to the existing permitted development right which allows for the temporary use of buildings or land for film-making purposes including changes to increase the time period that the right can be used for commercial film-making and increase the site size and height of temporary structures that can be used for film-making purposes. Once an approach has been agreed, we intend to make changes to the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015, as amended when parliamentary time allows. 

Geographical scope:

These proposals relate to England only.

Impact assessment and Public Sector Equality Duty:

The consultation seeks views on any potential impacts on businesses, local planning authorities and communities from the proposed measures. The Government is mindful of its responsibility to have regard to the potential impact of any proposals on the Public Sector Equality Duty, and therefore views are additionally sought on whether there are any impacts arising from these measures on those with a protected characteristic.