Permitted development rights consultation on additional flexibilities to support housing delivery, the agricultural sector, businesses, high streets and open prisons; and a call for evidence on nature-based solutions, farm efficiency projects and diversification.

Closes 25 Sep 2023

Scope of the consultation

Scope of this consultation:

This consultation seeks views on proposals relating to permitted development rights. 

We are seeking views on proposed changes to a number of permitted development rights that allow certain existing buildings to change to residential use. This includes the rights that allow the change of use of buildings within the Commercial, Business, and Service use class and of agricultural buildings to dwellinghouses. 

The consultation also seeks views on changes to the rights that allow for agricultural diversification and development on agricultural units. 

We are proposing amendments to certain rights that allow for non-domestic extensions, including the right that allows for extensions to Commercial Business and Service premises and the right that allows for extensions to and the erection of industrial and warehouse buildings. 

The consultation includes an amendment to the temporary use of land permitted development right that would allow markets to operate for more days per calendar year. 

The consultation also includes an amendment to the right that allows the erection, extension or alteration of schools, colleges, universities, hospital and closed prisons to also apply it to open prisons. 

We are consulting on the application of local design codes to certain permitted development rights to support the delivery of well-designed development. Subject to the outcome of the consultation, any changes would be brought forward via secondary legislation as an amendment to the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015, as amended, when parliamentary time allows. 

Finally, this consultation also contains a call for evidence led by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The call for evidence seeks views on nature-based solutions, farm efficiency projects and diversification. 

Geographical scope:

These proposals relate to England only.

Impact assessment and Public Sector Equality Duty:

The consultation seeks views on any potential impacts on businesses, local planning authorities and communities from the proposed measures. The government is mindful of its responsibility to have regard to the potential impact of any proposals on the Public Sector Equality Duty, and therefore views are additionally sought on whether there are any impacts arising from these measures on those with a protected characteristic.