A stronger change control process for higher-risk buildings

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Closes 12 Oct 2022


In her Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety Final Report, Dame Judith Hackitt called for a 'stronger change control process’ during design and construction, more stringent record-keeping, and a requirement to have ‘permission’ before significant changes are made in recognising that what is built often does not reflect what was originally planned.

We therefore propose to introduce a robust statutory change control process for higher-risk building work that dutyholders must follow if they intend to deviate from their original building control approval application. This new statutory change control process will apply when building work requiring a building control approval application to the Building Safety Regulator is carried out in existing higher-risk buildings as well as when building work is carried out to create a new higher-risk building through the gateways process. All changes during construction, such as a change to cladding material, will have to be recorded, evaluated and evidenced to show that they comply with all applicable building regulations’ requirements. 

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