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Open consultations

  • Homes for Ukraine: local council use of Foundry

    Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey on the Homes for Ukraine scheme. This survey is designed to give us an updated understanding of how your local council is performing the various digital tasks required and the tools you use, such as Foundry. We would like to understand...

    Closes today

  • Research Screener for British citizens living overseas

    Welcome and thank you for signing up to take part in our research project! For taking part in a 1 hour session with us, you will be paid £40 via PayPal.

    Closes 17 April 2024

  • Europeans voting rights

    Welcome and thank you for taking part in our research project!

    Closes 27 April 2024

  • 2023 Aggregate Minerals Survey for Great Britain (Form B)

    Aggregate mineral sites granted or refused planning permission and the numbers of planning applications withdrawn during the period 2020 to 2023 This collection will be for planning application data from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2023. Information for planning applications decided or...

    Closes 1 May 2024

  • Accelerated Planning System Consultation

    This consultation seeks views on proposals: to introduce a new Accelerated Planning Service, which would offer a new application route with accelerated decision dates for major commercial applications and fee refunds wherever these are not met for changes in relation to...

    Closes 1 May 2024

  • Locally-led Development Corporation Consultation

    This consultation seeks views on draft Regulations in relation to how an oversight authority is to oversee a Locally-led Urban Development Corporation following its designation. In addition, we are also asking for comments on updating the New Towns Act 1981(Local Authority Oversight) Regulations...

    Closes 5 June 2024

  • Building Safety Fund 2022 Application Form-R1

    This form is no longer in use for new applications to the Building Safety Fund. Please use the new application portal on the Building Remediation Hub Building Remediation Hub The only exception to this is if you are applying for buildings that commenced the removal and replacement of...

    Closes 31 December 2024

  • Building Safety Fund 2022 Application Form - Original Criteria - R2

    Please continue your application by clicking the link below:

    Closes 1 January 2025

  • BSF2022-R3

    Based on the information you have provided you do not appear to be eligible for the Building Safety Fund. We understand this is disappointing news, however please could you provide some basic information on your building in the following form. The form should only take a few minutes to...

    Closes 1 January 2025

Closed consultations