How the golden thread is managed and stored (in occupation)

Closed 12 Oct 2022

Opened 20 Jul 2022


This area of the consultation on implementing the new regime for occupied higher-risk buildings and relates to how the golden thread (and the information and documents within the golden thread) is stored and managed. 

The golden thread is a key part of the more stringent building safety regime. Having a golden thread of accessible and transferrable information will ensure that the right people have the right information at the right time to manage the building safely. 

This consultation section focuses on how the golden thread is stored and managed (the golden thread principles) to enable people to access, share and manage the information for occupied buildings. There is a separate consultation on the proposed changes to the building regulations that sets out proposals on the golden thread in design, construction and refurbishment.

The Building Regulations Advisory Committee golden thread working group previously published a report setting on the golden thread principles. This consultation sets out more details on our proposals on how we intend to turn these principles into regulations. 

The golden thread will enable the right people at the right time to have information they need to support building safety. Managing the information is a key part of the golden thread to ensure that people can trust that the information is accurate and up to date and can access and share this information as required.

The principal accountable person and accountable person(s) will need to decide how to meet the golden thread requirements and what software/digital systems they wish to use. All accountable persons have an ongoing responsibility to ensure that the golden thread meets the requirements as set out in this consultation section.