Review and Appeals

Closed 12 Oct 2022

Opened 20 Jul 2022


This area of the consultation on implementing the new regime for occupied higher-risk buildings relates to the reviews and appeals process where disputes arise over higher-risk building decisions.

The Government is committed to delivering swift access to justice. The reviews and appeals process is designed to be collaborative, fair and transparent. Where disputes arise over higher-risk building decisions, the first stage is informal discussion and mediation between the parties. Following that, in most cases, there is an internal review and appeals process provided by the Building Safety Regulator. If this cannot resolve matters, specified regulatory decisions are appealable to the First-tier Tribunal.

Additionally, in response to the new building safety regime, the First-tier Tribunal is establishing a specialist unit within the property chamber of the First-tier Tribunal to deal exclusively with building safety matters. The Building Safety Act 2022 (the Act) aligns the appeals procedure for all building safety decisions in England to sit with the tribunal, and to accommodate the Building Safety Regulator’s position as a new building control authority and with oversight of building control authority in England.