Screener Survey - Meta

Closed 2 Jan 2023

Opened 12 Sep 2022


To take part in the trial, read the below information and complete the brief survey.

  1. What is the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC)?

DLUHC is a central UK Government department, supporting UK-wide communities to thrive, making them great places to live and work. DLUHC is collaborating with Softwire (a non-partisan digital consultancy) to deliver the 'Apply for a Voter Authority Certificate' service.


  1. What’s the project about?

The way you vote in person is changing. These changes, which are planned to begin in May 2023, will mean that you will need to bring photo identification to the polling station if you would like to vote in person for UK Parliamentary general elections, local elections in England, and Police and Crime Commissioner elections in England and Wales.

The Voter Authority Certificate Service allows voters to check they have an acceptable form of photographic identification, and to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate if they do not.

We want to learn about the 'Apply for a Voter Authority Certificate' service's usability and functionality through a trial, to make improvements before its official launch. Your participation will help us build the service, and we will offer you a £10 Giftpay voucher for completing the trial.


  1. What to expect

Research types: you will conduct a live service trial, simulating Voter Authority Certificate applications, as well as Electoral Registration Officers processing applications with local government systems.

Location: remote - you can use any device with internet browser access, including mobile phones, tablets, desktop or laptop computers.

Dates: you can complete the trial at any time within the specified timeframe outlined on the invitation.

We will also email you a consent form, task details and a short survey to complete after the trial. All answers are confidential, only being reported anonymously as collective insights. Your feedback will help us improve the service before its official launch.


  1. How do I take part?

Fill in this screener survey (takes less than 5 minutes). This doesn’t commit you to anything at this point, and your data will be held in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). We will review your application and if you meet the criteria, we will contact you with an official invitation to take part.