Local Authority Housing Fund Round 3 - Validation Form

Closed 19 Apr 2024

Opened 5 Mar 2024


The Local Authority Housing Fund Round 3 (LAHF R3) will provide up to £450 million in capital grants in 2024/25 and 2025/26 to support local authorities to obtain better quality temporary accommodation and provide safe and suitable housing for those on the Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme (ACRS) who are unable to secure their own housing. 

203 Local authorities have been allocated a funding offer on the basis of a formula taking into account a range of housing pressure metrics and the number of ACRS/ARAP individuals in each local authority area.

This form applies to eligible councils in England that only recieved a funding offer. If your local authority has not been made an initial funding offer, you should use the Expressions of Interest form: https://consult.levellingup.gov.uk/funding/local-authority-housing-fund-round-3-expression-of

All delivery proposals should be based on delivering the fund objectives as described at section 2.1 of the Prospectus and the grant per unit set out in your allocation email.

The validation form is split into two parts, assessed and non-assessed questions.