Public Bodies Review of Homes England: call for evidence

Closed 17 Sep 2023

Opened 21 Jul 2023


The Public Bodies Review team are launching a call for evidence to gather views and experiences of Homes England.

The review is designed to assess whether Homes England is delivering for government and the taxpayer. It will focus on how effectively Homes England carries out its responsibilities, how efficiently it is run and whether it has appropriate governance in place.

Why your views matter

We want to gather a wide range of experiences so that we can provide a balanced report on Homes England.

This call for evidence is the first step in the process of on-going consultation with different stakeholders. We will also be gathering information through; stakeholder interviews, desk-based research and seeking specialist advice where necessary.

The process of evidence gathering will help us to collect a wide range of views to inform our analysis and findings. This will allow the lead reviewer, Tony Poulter, to make evidence-based recommendations to government.

This is an opportunity to have your views heard on your experiences and help the Government ensure Homes England is working as well as it can for customers and industry.

What happens next

The information gathered through listening to Homes England’s stakeholders will be analysed by Tony and the review team and will inform his final report, which will in turn make recommendations to the Government.