Accelerated Planning System Consultation

Closed 1 May 2024

Opened 6 Mar 2024


This consultation seeks views on proposals:

  • to introduce a new Accelerated Planning Service, which would offer a new application route with accelerated decision dates for major commercial applications and fee refunds wherever these are not met
  • for changes in relation to extensions of time agreements, including a new performance measure for speed of decision-making against statutory time limits, and an end to the use of extension of time agreements for householder applications and repeat agreements for the same application for other types of application 
  • for an expansion of the current simplified householder and minor commercial appeal service to more written representation appeals
  • on the detail on the broadening of the ability to vary a planning permission through section 73B applications and on the treatment of overlapping planning permissions

Please read the consultation document for more detail on the proposals before you share your views with us. 

Why your views matter

Your views will help shape policy development. 

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What happens next

This consultation has now closed. The responses are being analysed.