Fees and Performance Consultation

Closed 25 Apr 2023

Opened 28 Feb 2023


This consultation seeks views on proposals to increase planning fees and to improve the performance of local planning authorities. We want you to tell us what you think about the proposals to:

  • increase planning fees by 35% for major applications and 25% for all other applications 

  • additional fees for bespoke or 'fast track' services

  • make an annual inflation-related adjustment to planning fees 

  • ring-fence additional fees income 

  • double fees for retrospective applications 

  • remove the ‘free-go’ for repeat applications 

  • introduce a prior approval fee for the permitted development right allowing the Crown to develop sites within the perimeter of a closed defence site 

  • build planning capacity and capability within local authorities, including challenges in recruitment and retention, and how these can be addressed 

  • reduce the Planning Guarantee from 26 weeks to 16 weeks for non-major applications

  • improve the quality of the local authority planning service by monitoring more performance measures. 

Why your views matter

Your views will help shape policy development.

Please read our privacy notice which sets out our consultation principles and explains how we use your data - https://consult.levellingup.gov.uk/privacy_policy/. 

What happens next

This consultation has now closed. Responses are being analysed.