Toilet provision in buildings other than dwellings

Closed 8 Oct 2023

Opened 13 Aug 2023


This consultation seeks your views on proposed measures to ensure provision of separate toilets for men and women and sets out guidance to encourage the provision of universal toilets, ensuring appropriate levels of privacy in all situations.

These proposals relate to Building Regulations in England only.

Consultation stage analysis is included in this consultation.  Further work will be carried out in advance of a decision following consultation. Changes to the analysis may be made based on responses received.

This consultation will run for 8 weeks from 13 August 2023.

For any enquiries about the consultation please email: Please note that this email will automatically reject any messages which contain images. This includes images in email signatures. 

You may respond by completing this online survey.

If you are responding in writing, please make it clear which questions you are responding to.

Written responses should be sent to:

Toilet provision consultation, 3 NE, Fry Building,

2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DF

When you reply, it would be useful if you confirm whether

you are replying as an individual or submitting an official

response on behalf of an organisation and include:

- your name;

- your position (if applicable);

- the name of your organisation (if applicable);

- an address (including post code);

- an email address; and

- a contact telephone number

We strongly encourage responses via the online survey, particularly from organisations with access to online facilities such as local authorities, representative bodies and businesses. Consultations receive a high-level of interest across many sectors. Using the online survey greatly assists our analysis of the responses, enabling more efficient and effective consideration of the issues raised.

If you are unable to use the online system, you may use a Word document version of the consultation questions and email it to

Please do not include indecent, obscene or offensive material with your consultation response including the use of images, videos and audio files. The sending of such material may constitute a criminal offence, for example under section 127 of the Communications Act 2003. The department will forward offensive material to the relevant authority if necessary.

If you require information in any other format, such as Braille, large font or audio, please contact:



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